1. 200 DEAF BOYS no. 2 coming soon!

    In about 2 weeks I’ll be releasing the second issue of 200 DEAF BOYS, along with a reprint of the sold out issue 1 - that’s 118 pages of religious horror and swashbuckling medieval action, as you like it!

    This is far and away the best work I’ve done, from both a craft standpoint and as a narrative. I’m really excited for people to read it! I’ll be posting a few more finished images from it while it’s at the printers, so watch this spot! It’s time for you to Officially Get Excited. I already am!

    Seeya soon……

  2. 200 DEAF BOYS no. 2 coming soon

    one of the nice things about tumblr is it lets you show off all the lil details you put into your pages that nobody will notice in a printed comic


    TRAP III coming 2014

  4. 200 DEAF BOYS no. 2

    Coming Soon


    I hope none of you guys were too worried that I wasn’t going to put a cameo by the greatest wide receiver of all time into 200 DEAF BOYS no. 2. But if you were… uh, don’t be. #lionblood

  6. 200 DEAF BOYS no. 2 coming, I hope, in June….


    This is where I’m going to live when I get a little older. The paper I drew it on doesn’t quite fit on the scanner - there’s a bar in the bottom corner of the front ballroom and a big bathtub full of flowers on the near wall of the kitchen.

    The pool feeds into the rooftop garden, and there’s a bathroom in the bottom of the tower.

  8. I saw “Under The Skin” last night. It’s a completely amazing film, one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. BUT. When you see it, you should just know that I did this way before it did.

  9. Art + Commerce

  10. So. I have been working all winter long on the second issue of 200 DEAF BOYS. It’s loooong -should top out at 72 pages or thereabouts - and I for one think it’s the best comic I’ve made yet. I’m getting at least somewhat close to the end of penciling it, after which the inking and gray tones should be a snap. A reprint of issue 1 will drop the same day as issue 2 does. So keep the faith, and I’ll be at you with some new comics pretty soon.

    (Above are some panels from the mighty but dissolute Sir Lancelot’s road to spiritual attainment. More soon!)

  11. George Stevens - greatest filmmaker of all time


  12. somefog:

    image[“A Call to Prayer,” by Matt Seneca. Published online, drawn August 2012].

    The fourth and final part of my interview with Matt Seneca is here. Also, if you haven’t read em yet:

    • Part I of this interview, along with my introduction to it, can be found [here].
    • Part II can be found [

    Here’s the fourth and final part of my interview with the great George Elkind. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading these, especially in a day and age when long form, “Comics Journal style” interviews with cartoonists sadly seem to be going the way of the dinosaur. George is absolutely a writer to watch, and everyone who’s been reading this thing should keep their eyes glued to Some Fog. I really appreciated this valuable opportunity to dig deep into what I’m doing with my comics and why; hopefully you guys got some of that value from it too! For my thoughts on MINOTAUR and “the future of comics”, read on……


  13. somefog:


    [“EMMA FROST WHITE QUEEN XXX,” by Matt Seneca, previously published online September 14th, 2012.]

    [My interview with Matt Seneca continues—some notes:

    [Part I of this interview, along with my introduction to it, can be found [here]. Part II runs [here], and Part III runs…

    …and here’s part 3! This time: Catholicism, the LA lowdown in TRAP 2, and a li’l Ryan Gosling.


  14. somefog:

    image[From 200 Deaf Boys, pt. 1, by Matt Seneca. Published by Very Fine Comix, March 2013.

    [Part I of this interview, along with my introduction to it, can be found [here]. Part II runs below].


    GE: Okay, we’re both people who value figure-drawing a lot as the basis…

    This is part 2 of my interview with the one and only George Elkind. Here we talk about the reasons my drawing style looks the way it does, and delve deep into MY DATE WITH ANNE HATHAWAY and tease some upcoming plot lines for 200 DEAF BOYS, issue 2 of which will be my next comic book release. READ ON……


  15. somefog:


    [From My Date With Anne Hathaway, by Matt Seneca. Very Fine Comix, May 2013.]

    I first got to know Matt Seneca by name some years back, when he was building up a reputation as one of comics’ strongest critics. His work at the time was characterized by a certain bristling intensity, a…

    This is part one of an interview I did with George Elkind, to my mind the most exciting comics critic out there at the moment. It delves deeper than I’ve ever gone into what’s going on with my comics, and I think it isn’t actually far off from laying out my whole artistic philosophy. I really enjoyed talking with George, and I really hope that anyone who is interested in my artistic or critical work will read this interview, and keep checking back on Some Fog for the rest of it, which will run in a few parts over the course of this week. Enjoy!!